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Random thought # 27

Posted in Random thoughts by daianara on June 13, 2009

Dupa vizite la 2 firme de consultanta din Cluj bottom-line ar fi:

  • 2200 de euro,
  • 11-13 luni de asteptat
  • si un interviu in limba franceza.

Cam asta e parte tehnica a emigrarii in Canada.  And it does not include the plain ticket. :)

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Saturday stuff

Posted in Rants by daianara on May 30, 2009
  • Incerc sa vad Paris je t’aime dar nu gasesc nici o subtitrare care sa fie sincronizata cu  versiunea mea. And my French is at a pathetically low level to watch it without subs.
  • E prea frig pentru sfarsit de mai.  I wanna stay in but I have to go out. Boo hoo. Pe de alta parte, as putea sa o iau drept exercitiu de calire pentru Canada. If/when/maybe.
  • Am vrut sa fac un crash course de NIN music. M-am trezit in schimb ca ascult tot albumul Crescent al lui Gackt.  Now on repeat: Kimi ga oikaketa yume (sau “The dream you’ve chased after”). I like the energy of it.
  • Bored even of World of Warcraft. Happens a lot lately.
  • Inapoi la exercitii de traducere cu les indefinis. *sigh /sulk As vrea sa ma culc noaptea si sa vorbesc limba asta la perfectie a 2-a zi. E drept, s-ar putea sa stiu spune doar omlette du fromage dar in that perfect cartoon, it even brought about world peace. :lol:
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