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The last lecture

Posted in Motivational by daianara on December 8, 2010

Randy Pausch a fost un profesor american de computer science la Universitatea Carnegie Mellon. A murit la 47 de ani, in urma complicatiilor provocate de cancer. In ultimul sau an a scris aceast prelegere pentru copiii sai. Apoi, fiind filmata, a ajuns un succes pe Youtube si s-a publicat o carte pe acelasi subiect, ajunsa best seller.

Ideile pe scurt:

  • Follow your dreams
  • Listen to your kids
  • “It’s just a thing”
  • Learn gratitude
  • Don’t complain, just work harder (I’m working on it)

O gasiti completa pe net aici.


Adevarul despre ce ne motiveaza

Posted in Motivational by daianara on November 13, 2010

Here’s a little video I found online about what motivates people. It’s fun&easy to understand, give it 10 minutes. :)

“If we stop treating people like horses and more like actual people, if we get past that carrot and stick ideology, that would make the world a little better.”