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How I spent my week-end

Posted in Gamez, Geekesque by daianara on February 28, 2010

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Fallout 3

Posted in Gamez by daianara on September 6, 2009

After 6 years playing games and one year on the side lines (with “count them on the fingers of one hand” exceptions) I’ve had a relapse. And it was called Fallout 3. Now, to compare its plainness with a flat EKG would be quite gentle of me. But as it is in the human nature to adapt, I too began to grow quite fond of the repetitive plastering level design, same 8 faces and the constancy with which the raiders tried to put a bullet pattern on my spring pre-war dress.
Fallout 3 Spring dress
And so, I realized after a month of annoyed, sometimes furious but mostly frustrated play time that I shall miss its…umm, brownness.

Here’s the short story: shit hits the fan (or, to be more accurate, nukes hit the US) and all that’s left are radiation, roaches and a mirific wasteland you’ll enjoy in the next 30 hours or so.
Fallout 3 wasteland

Ok, so maybe that’s not all that survived. You, a few other people, a bunch of mutants and some ghouls (who are quite well mannered, open minded and umm…monogamous)
Fallout 3 Carol
also go about your daily mutations business. You start searching for your father (don’t ask) and, in the end, you’re tasked to deliver (holy) water to the wasteland (again, don’t ask). Yes, I realize while writting this how ridiculous it all sounds. But for a whole month this was close to my virtual home. So don’t blame me if the next cooked meal will be an iguana on a stick.

And now, for just a few illustrated random rants:

  • If there’s one thing we can learn from Bethesda, it’s the value of recycling. Observe:

Fallout 3 Harold

  • The one lady I gave a damn about in the whole iradiated Wasteland. Agatha and her Stradivarius rule supreme.

Fallout 3 Agatha

  • Not sure if this was yet again recycling or just copying the master but dear old Fawkes right here made me wanna shoot laser beams up his ass 2 minutes after I’ve gained his companionship.  Minsc anyone?

Fallout 3 Fawkes

  • The radiation from the nuke war was detected from outer space and aliens thought this would make a lovely home. Apparently they were wrong.

Fallout 3 Alien crash

And now, to get over the withdrawal symptoms finishing Fallout 3 has caused me to have I’m planning an in depth course of Mass Effect. Space, aliens, sex, guns. Perfection never seemed so close. Watching The 5th Element for the 10th time doesn’t count!

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Me in 5 personality traits

Posted in Gamez by daianara on June 8, 2009

Ironic how  a game can make you so self-aware. I was designing my virtual self and was asked to give it 5 personality traits. I gave it mine without blinking, check it out below.  :D

TS3 2009-06-08 15-23-29-60

And yeah, I was trying Sims 3, so sue me. But keep in mind I’m also playing Braid, Zeno Clash and WoW at the moment. -_-

Ding! Level 25

Posted in Gamez by daianara on April 6, 2009

So I spent some time this week-end slowly moving up from level 20 to level 25.  Just 5 more levels and I get a mount. Apparently free coz I’m a warlock. :D


Got a prettier thing to hold in off-hand. It’s called the Totem of Infliction. +50 armor.

I moved back from the Succubus to the Voidwalker coz it makes a better tank and takes the damage off me.

Got the first item from something that looks like a set:


Bought a new dagger but not very thrilled about it:


I can now do bags  with my tailoring skill. On the other hand, leveling up my enchanting skill is expensive like a mofo.  Not sure if it’s worth pursuing.-_-

Oh well, until next week… :D

Useless thing #1 in WoW

Posted in Gamez by daianara on April 4, 2009


Azi am primit drept reward for killing I dunno what petunia menacing boar un buchet de scarlet begonas. Equipped in off hand, worth 5 silver and some copper la taraba locala and doing…absolutelly nothing but look gay and pink.

But how do you like the dagger, huh, huh? :P

Random thought #4

Posted in Gamez, Random thoughts by daianara on March 7, 2009

Is it me or did every single hunter with a pet bear named it with some sort of variation of Winnie?