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Farse de 1 aprilie

Posted in Geekesque by daianara on April 2, 2010

Am stat in casa asa ca nu s-a intamplat nimic special (in afara de Bitgamer care si-a facut toti userii anonymous-must admit I fell for that one). Dar iata cateva dintre cele mai originale farse care au avut loc anul asta de 1 aprilie.

  • Google e redenumit Topeka, ca raspunsul la orasul din Kansas care a incercat sa-si schimbe numele in Google.

  • The old pirate bay.
  • Starbucks scoate 2 noi marimi pentru cafelele lor: Plenta si Micra. The pic says it all. :D So does their blog.

  • Deviantart schimba avatarele utilizatorilor cu imagini din Twilight si Lady Gaga. Here’s a user blogging about it.
  • Apple recunoaste ca iPad a fost doar o gluma. You know, I was wondering about that.

  • Barbatul arestat la Large Hadron Collider sustine ca e din viitor. Read all about it.
  • Si favorita mea (mai ales ca am vazut-o postata peste tot ca reala): Google Translate for animals. Like really people! :lol:

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