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To all the stuff going on in the past few weeks I need to say one thing:

Via 9gag.

PS: The title is actually not a typo or a cat randomly walking over my keyboard.


Stand up in Romania

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Ok, that’s all I can stand and I can stand no more (obvious pun).

I have a certain interest in stand-up. I watch it when I feel down and for 30′, 1 hour or more I can relax and laugh it all away. I think it’s one of the most wonderful things in the world: to be able to make others (and yourself) laugh and an awesome way to give back (yeah, you heard me). Going to an amateurs night someday/somewhere is definitely a plan. Also, I have a certain advantage. Just like you have to be black to do nigger jokes without fear you’ll get stabbed after the show, you gotta be a woman to mock women and not be called a misoginistic pig (we know a few cases).

It was first a crazy idea in my head. “Yeah, maybe, but right now I need to sleep/eat/read/scratch” kind of thing. It started to be more and more feasible after I saw this movie. Believe-The Eddie Izzard story shows how one of the most awesome comedians got to where he is now (filling up Webley stadium-11.000 seats-with his show). From his childhood in Yemen to his mom dying to being a street performer to being in a college competition against Hugh Laurie and Emma Thompson (oh, the irony! :lol:) to being booed off stage time and time again. And the most amazing thing? His perseverence*. Again and again he would go back and try to make things better. Why? Because of what he believed:

“You gotta believe you can be an actor before you can be an actor. You gotta believe you can be a comedianbefore you can be a comedian. You gotta believe you can be an astronaut before you can be an astronaut.”

Then I discovered Danny Bhoy.

This guy came out of nowhere. Did a great number and in 10 months of getting started he won the biggest stand-up competition in Britain. He then started touring Australia. And he’s young. Oh so very young. Just more proof anything can be done when you put your mind to it.

So, all beefed up and motivated to go out, sit in a pub and write I come across…a poster advertising openings in a stand-up group. Coincidence? Divine intervention? Who the fuck cares?! It was Monday, the audition was an Thursday and I finished preparing an act 2 hours before the deadline.

Here’s where reality came in. We’re a fairly crappy large city. About 350k of us. The bus stations were filled with posters to go to the audition. Who actually showed up were 9 people. 1 is the classical guy you see everywhere carrying a guitar after him and playing folk music to get the girls wet. Another was a girl dressed up as a clown (I shit you not) who wanted to do pantomime. The rest were girls coming there to look pretty, 2 drunk guys and another one who, at telling him it’s a stand up group, went like: Oh, stand-up? Oh, well that’s hard.  No shit Einstein! -_-

Then the actual members of the group came in. They wanted to do a show in mid May (current date being end of April) for which they had 2 ideas and absolutely nothing written. But they would definitely love to hear stuff from us. We could even email them. But just the guys of course. To which I go: Ahem, excuse me, WTF? Oh yeah (dismissive wave of hand) you can do it too if you’re interested. Let me remind you this was a stand up audition. Let me also point out that at going 360 around the room no one (except me) had prepared a thing. Because we all know stand up is based on looks. So ok, the evening is over, my dreams momentarily beaten to a pulp (name one female in Romanian stand up), I go to my favourite pub and at least get a free drink. Only to get home and stare at the email the auditioners send with what was expected of us.  Oh please don’t stop at the manele part. :lol:

PS: The overseas selection of female entertainers also leaves a bit to be desired. At least I loled after watching this one:

*The guy also ran 43 marathons in 51 days. How much more awesome can you get?

The weirdest conversations

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I haz them. sigh


At work.

People looking over my shoulder: What is that?

It’s called Google Chrome. It’s the browser I use.


And what browser do you use?

Oh, I just use Google.


And what do you use for security, Windows?

^Actual conversation after having seen the video below.


In a bar.

Your skin is so soft.

o_O Yeah, I’m a a woman, we’re like that.

Not all of you.

Dude, who the fuck have you been dating, Yeti?

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Biroul lui Einstein

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Browsing the net, am dat de niste poze interesante, facute chiar dupa moartea lui Einstein. Asa arata biroul lui in ziua in care a murit (18 aprilie 1955).

Complete story and photos on Life magazine.

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Recomandari site-uri

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Am dat in ultimele saptamani de niste site-uri misto si ar fi pacat sa nu dau mai departe.

Buzzfeed-inregistreaza stirile/videoclipurile/etc care ajung la statutul de viral pe net. Partea faina e ca face lucrul asta cu vreo 30 de siteuri importante din State simultan (de la la asa ca ajunge sa fie  ceva de genul 30 in 1. Most definitely recommended!

9gag-cum zice si catch phrase-ul “The funniest&simplest microblog in the world”.  Site-ul a pornit anul asta si e actualizat zilnic cu o gramada de poze/grafice/gif-uri funny, insane, heart warming, etc. Are deja peste 200 de pagini si, cu toata determinarea mea, am ajuns sa vad doar vreo 60 dintre ele. Acum ca-l accesez sa postez link-ul am dat de poza urmatoare care e wallpaper-ul meu la lucru. :D

TED-Ideas worth spreading-Trebuie sa recunosc ca il am la bookmarks de o gramada de vreme, tot dau de video-uri interesante insa n-am avut pana acum timp sa-l explorez cum se cuvine. E un site cu un continut video: conferinte tinute de profesori universitari, politicieni, specialisti in diverse domenii pentru care in mod normal ai plati. When you’re feeling brainy this is the place to go.

The best article everyday-the title says it all. Fie ca e ceva serios, de genul cum un tata si fii lui au ajuns sa aiba unul dintre cele mai de succes lanturi de fast-food din US, sau ceva SF: cum sa supravietuiesti daca esti ultima persoana de pe Pamant, site-ul livreaza exact ceea ce promite. De vizitat…zilnic. :)

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Farse de 1 aprilie

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Am stat in casa asa ca nu s-a intamplat nimic special (in afara de Bitgamer care si-a facut toti userii anonymous-must admit I fell for that one). Dar iata cateva dintre cele mai originale farse care au avut loc anul asta de 1 aprilie.

  • Google e redenumit Topeka, ca raspunsul la orasul din Kansas care a incercat sa-si schimbe numele in Google.

  • The old pirate bay.
  • Starbucks scoate 2 noi marimi pentru cafelele lor: Plenta si Micra. The pic says it all. :D So does their blog.

  • Deviantart schimba avatarele utilizatorilor cu imagini din Twilight si Lady Gaga. Here’s a user blogging about it.
  • Apple recunoaste ca iPad a fost doar o gluma. You know, I was wondering about that.

  • Barbatul arestat la Large Hadron Collider sustine ca e din viitor. Read all about it.
  • Si favorita mea (mai ales ca am vazut-o postata peste tot ca reala): Google Translate for animals. Like really people! :lol:

Whiskey is for pussies

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Random thought #49

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You should be able to return books you don’t like.


4 days of free time then working on Easter. Weird but the only thing I care about is finding a bus that will take me to work.


Decided to take the IELTS test instead of Cambridge.The first one will be of more use to me in Canadian lands than the latter. I still think that 650 RON is excessively expensive but sacrifices must be made.


I’ve reached a point where interviews with HR people are starting to bore me. I think I could do Sudoku and  answer their question in the same time. Regardless, Lugera&Mackler have tons to learn from Manpower.


I think I’ll be going to these events in April. Theater, club, new plays, why the hell not? Euphoria Irish Pub ain’t half bad either.