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How much did they first pay you to give up on your dreams?

Posted in Moving pictures by daianara on March 27, 2010

Cateva filme vazute in ultima luna si jumate.

Up in the Air-George Clooney as a firing specialist. His home is made of airplanes and hotel rooms. He holds seminars and teaches people how to give up on most things in life because they hold them back. Falls in love. Wants to change. Finds out life’s a bitch.

The Blind Side-Similar cu The Green Mile. Numai ca in loc de Tom Hanks si big black guy who’s retarded e Sandra Bullock. De vazut cu inghetata alaturi si in familie. My mom watched it with me. I mean it.

The answer man-Remember the annoying mom from the Gilmore Girls? She’s in this. Together with Jeff Daniels care a scris o carte intitulata Me&God care aduce raspunsuri la intrebarile care apar in viata. Does prayer work? Why are there bad people? Etc etc. Turns out he knows shit and that’s why he doesn’t want people to know who he is. Mediocre movie.

Shutter Island-Cine a pus filmul asta pe acelasi nivel cu Memento si Dark City trebuie sa faca o cura intensiva de mind fuck movies pentru a le putea identifica pe viitor. Leo e un US Marshall pe o insula care serveste drept spital de psihiatrie in America anilor 50. 2 ore bla bla bla, he’s actually insane. There, I spoiled it for ya. :D

An education-Am vazut filmul asta pentru ca a fost nominalizat la vreo 3 categorii la Oscar anul asta (inclusive best movie). What a piece of crap. Film moralizator conform caruia all men are pigs and girls should stick to school. Well yeah, daca premisa de la care porneste e relatia unei fetite de 16 ani cu un barbat insurat trecut de 35 de ani. All sorts of good things can come from that. -_-

A serious man-Aaaaaaa, am renuntat pe la jumate. Really, great trailer but don’t bother with the movie.

500 days of Summer-Another piece of crap. M-am uitat pentru Joseph Gordon-Levitt, sigur il stiti din 3rd rock from the sun (amazing how some people never change). He falls for the wrong girl called Summer, we see random mixes of their 500 days and he ends up with another girl called Autumn. Oh Mr. Writer, how shrewd of you.

Mary&Max-Stiati ca animatiile pot fi deprimante? Eu nu. Sau, ma rog, nu-i primul lucru pe care il asociez cu genul asta de film. It’s dark, sensitive, depressing and I cried like an idiot at the end. Handle with care.

The men who stare at goats-And I was so proud when I found the trailer for this movie a long, long time ago. George Clooney e un soldat care a facut parte dintr-un proiect special al armatei americane de a “educa” soldatii sa foloseasca puteri psihice. They were called Jedi. Ewan McGregor e jurnalistul care afla ce inseamna sa fii Jedi. Hahaha!

The man from Earth-Probabil cel mai bun film pe care l-am vazut in ultima vreme. Uber low budget dar cu scenariul scris de Jerome Bixby (google him!). Practic tot filmul e o conversatie prilejuita de plecarea unui profesor universitar. La his going away party el ii intreaba pe colegii sai ce ar fi daca un om din paleolitic ar fi supravietuit pana in prezent. Cum ar fi el, cum ar fi evoluat, cum s-ar fi descurcat? Raspunsurile si conversatia sunt suficient de interesante incat m-au tinut lipita de monitor o ora jumate cat dureaza filmul. Bonus pentru semi-twistul de la final, I loved it!

Moon-L-am vazut in aceiasi seara si fix dupa The Man from Earth si am adormit de vreo 3 ori. Nici cinismul lui Kevin Spacey nu a reusit sa ma tina treaza.  Cat despre faptul ca trebuie sa-l vezi de mai multe ori ca sa-l “intelegi”…bitchez please! Probabil cel mai interesant lucru pe care l-am gasit despre film e ca a fost regizat de baiatul lui David Bowie care vrea sa-l faca trilogie. Myeah, whatever.

Good hair-Un documentar regizat de Chris Rock despre parul femeilor de culoare. It’s mildly amusing but mainly scary. Dupa ce l-am vazut (and D. likes to see her documentaries all the way through) chiar mi-e mila de saracele femei si de chinurile prin care trec ca sa modifice natura.


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  1. evanb0 said, on March 30, 2010 at 1:21 pm

    “You’re NOT Jesus!” :D

  2. daianara said, on March 31, 2010 at 8:43 pm

    It’s always funny to see the reactions of religious people when someone so much as breaths towards their believes. :)

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