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Random deviation

Posted in Rants by daianara on May 1, 2009

Din aproape in aproape am dat de aceasta deviatie pe site-ul nostru cel de toate zilele. Dincolo de fotografie, the soft black&white, cearceafuri mototolite si the lovely model, ce mi-a atras atentia a fost comentariul artistei, citat mai jos:

This is probably the most honest I’ve ever been with myself.
I’ve never been comfortable with my body. I’ve always had to crop, shrink, or airbrush something out of a picture because I didn’t like the way I felt in it.

so..this is me. unshaved, greasy hair, fatty hips, and very unsexy underwear.

….and you still left me.

Thought # 1 would be: I can’t remember the last time I met someone who didn’t have a distorted body image. What gives?

Thought # 2: Silly women, thinking that just looks can keep a guy near.

Silly men, thinking that just looks could ever be enough. :)


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